The best way to choose your coffee is start off by looking at the taste notes and roast profile of each coffee on our menu and see what sounds good to you.

Taste notes

The taste notes are the natural and inherent flavour descriptors we've identified during our weekly 'cupping' (coffee tasting) sessions. Don't bother yourself too much if you can't taste the 'raspberry' or 'hazelnut' notes in your coffee straight away. First of all, it's different for everyone, and there's no right or wrong! The more you drink different coffees, the more you'll begin to pick up on these different taste notes. Some coffees are inherently brighter and more fruity, while others are more chocolatey and nutty, while others still are more earthy and spicy. Soon, you'll discover which flavour profile you prefer, or if you're like us, you'll love them all! :)

Roast profile

We recommend the darker roasts (in particular the blends) if you prefer more body and something bolder which can cut through milk. If you prefer more fruity notes and something with less body, we recommend the medium or lighter roasts. 

Explorer mode & Duo pack

If you’re not sure which taste notes or roast profile sounds good to you, then we suggest you select the 'Explorer Mode' option, in which case we’ll surprise you with a different coffee each delivery. Once you've discovered your favourites, you can turn Explorer Mode 'off' and choose yourself. If you want to be even more adventurous, or you simply like to mix it up each morning, why not opt for the Duo pack - you'll receive two different coffees each delivery to taste and compare.

Like I said, there’s no right or wrong. That’s the beauty of coffee - Explore, Discover, and Enjoy! :)