All our coffees are specialty grade, traceable, ethically and responsibly sourced from all over the world. They’re grown by some of the world’s best farmers who are just as committed as us in producing great tasty coffees. Though we’re not Fairtrade certified, we pay above Fairtrade price for all our coffees. Since coffee is generally grown in the developing world, farmers have been overlooked and taken advantage of, largely due to their poverty, lack of knowledge, and limited access to markets. We understand and empathise with them - our co-founder, Paul, was himself, a farmer in Kenya for many years. That’s why we enjoy sharing information about our farmers, their land, and the story behind every bean. 

We generally feature 6 - 8 coffees on our ever-changing seasonal menu. Most of these will be single origin coffees, but we also have one or two blends, roasted slightly darker for the espresso drinkers and those who prefer something more robust. 

We realise that some of our customers will develop a favourite, and from time to time, that coffee will no longer be available as it falls out of season. Not to worry, we usually replace this coffee with a similar one, in terms of taste profile and origin. You can rest assured that you’ll always drink the finest quality new-crop coffees. At the same time, you get to discover and travel the world of coffee.